We have excellent health facilities to support you in the development of relevant professional skills alongside academic knowledge.


Our high specification clinical skills laboratories simulate ‘real life’ situations. 让你体验, develop 而且 learn practical skills before going out to practice placements.

Our remote control centre enables lecturers to programme 而且 control the manikins to simulate illness, 护理干预和治疗的效果. The video recording equipment allows you to review 而且 reflect on your abilities, 并与其他同学分享.

你可以在世界杯官网中文版的 临床技能及模拟中心小册子.      


The outside of the Worcester University ability house

能力的房子 demonstrates what can be achieved in an ordinary semi-detached house through innovative 而且 intelligent design. The concept of environmental design ranges from simple removal of steps 而且 the use of durable floor covering to allow manoeuvrability for wheelchairs 而且 people using wheeled walking frames, to the installation of ceiling track hoist systems to allow for safe transfers from bed to bath or shower 而且 chairs. 


Sim卡的人 is a state-of-the-art training device programmed with over 2,心脏节律异常500例, 而且 can suffer anything from a slight wheezing problem to asthma attacks, 大量出血,心脏骤停.

 他与监视器和软件相连, which create thous而且s of scenarios 而且 outcomes ideal for testing decision-making skills. Sim卡的人 is the next best thing to the students being out within the clinical areas with real patients. 他能让你获得宝贵的经验, while giving lecturers an excellent opportunity to assess how you are getting on.